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Case Studies

Universal Monsters Double-Disc Collector Edition DVDs


Brief: To raise awareness of a series of double disc collector’s edition releases through Universal Pictures Video

Solution: Piggy-back on the hype surrounding the UIP release of Van Helsing, develop a feature campaign led by Sara Karloff, daughter of Frankenstein actor Boris Karloff, complimented by review and promotional push across target media

Results: 10-page ‘My Dad was a monster feature plus guide to Universal horror in Sunday Express’ S: 2 Magazine, a ‘My Dad the Monster’ feature in The Times, Sara Karloff feature in the Daily Telegraph, reviews in tabloid and broadsheets plus features in specialist film and DVD magazines plus one month promo on the Sci-Fi Channel, weighty review coverage in key media including total ownership of the DVD column in the TV Times and competition led exposure on national and regional radio stations